Chironomus sp. ‘Rapa Nui’

Rapa Nui Nonbiting Midge (Chironomus sp.)

The Rapa Nui Nonbiting Midge is known from a single larva specimen that was found in a core sample that was collected in the lake of the Rano Kau volcano crater on Rapa Nui at a depth of about 10,9 to 11 m. [1]

The genus may still occur on Rapa Nui today, but not this particular species, because nearly all vertebrates and invertebrates found on the island today, were introduced, mostly in quite recent times.



[1] M. Horrocks; M. Marra; W. T. Baisden; J. Flenley; D. Feek; L. González Nualart; S. Haoa-Cardinali; T. Edmunds Gorman: Pollen, phytoliths, arthropods and high-resolution 14C sampling from Rano Kau, Easter Island: evidence for late Quaternary environments, ant (Formicidae) distributions and human activity. Journal of Paleolimnology 50(4): 417-432. 2013


edited: 10.12.2018