Mercuria globulina (Letourneux & Bourguignat)

Globule Mercuria Snail (Mercuria globulina)

The Globule Mercuria Snail was described in 1887, it is or was restricted to the central- and eastern parts of the Tell Atlas of Algeria and Tunisia. 

The shells reach sizes of about 0,25 to 0,3 cm in length. [1]


I personally do not know now if it is indeed extinct, however, the species apparently has not been seen since the 19th century, was not found during recent surveys, and its name appears in lists of extinct molluscs.



[1] Peter Glöer; Slimane Bouzid; Hans D. Boeters: Revision of the genera Pseudamnicola Paulucci 1878 and Mercuria Boeters 1971 from Algeria with particular emphasis on museum collections. Archiv für Molluskenkunde 139(1): 1-22. 2010


edited: 05.05.2019