Eudorylas semiopacus (Lamb)

Semiopaque Big-headed Fly (Eudorylas semiopacus)

The Semiopaque Big-headed Fly was described in 1922, apparently based on two specimens that had been collected in 1908 on the plateau of Mare aux Cochons on Silhouette as well as in 1909 near the western coast of Mahé, Seychelles.

This was apparently a parasitoid of planthopper bugs. [1]

The Semiopaque Big-headed Fly has not been found in recent surveys and appears to be extinct.


syn. Pipunculus semiopacus Lamb



[1] Justin Gerlach: Red Listing reveals the true state of biodiversity: a comprehensive assessment of Seychelles biodiversity. Phesluma 20: 9-22. 2012


edited: 11.02.2024