Sartidia perrieri (A. Camus) Bourreil

Perrier’s Sartidia Grass (Sartidia perrieri)

This grass species is known exclusively from the type material that was found in 1914 growing on sandstone rocks in a woodland near Antsirabe at an elevation of about 1900 m; it appears to have already been very rare at that time.

The species was never recorded again and is now considered most likely extinct.


syn. Aristida perrieri A. Camus



[1] Maria S. Vorontsova; Thomas Haevermans; Agathe Haevermans; Jacqueline Razanatsoa; Marjorie R. Lundgren; Guillaume Besnard: The Genus Sartidia (Poaceae: Aristidoideae) in Madagascar. Systematic Botany 40(2): 1-6. 2015


edited: 08.01.2024