Tropidophora vincentflorensi Griffiths

Vincent Florens’ Tropidophora Snail (Tropidophora vincentflorensi)  

Vincent Florens’ Tropidophora Snail was described in 2000; it is known from at least five adult and subadult specimens that were recovered from debris under a basaltic rock overhang in the degraded forest south of the easternmost peak of Trois Mamelles Mountain on the island of Mauritius.

The species is so far only known from the type locality and was never seen alive, it is clearly extinct. [1]



[1] Owen Lee Griffiths: Nine new species of Mascarene land snail (Mollusca: Gastropoda). Molluscan Research 20(2): 37-50. 2000


edited: 29.04.2021