Maoristylus ambagiosus ssp. spiritus Powell

Spirits Bay Flax Snail (Maoristylus ambagiosus ssp. spiritus)

This taxon was described in 1947 based on subfossil specimens that were recovered from loose dunes between the camp sites of Kapowairua and Pandora at the Spirits Bay in the far north of New Zealand’s North Island.

Like many other former populations of this snail species, also this one apparently disappeared at the Pleistocene/Holocene border due to natural causes.


syn. Placostylus ambagiosus ssp. spiritus Powell



[1] A. W. B. Powell: On further colonies of Placostylus land snails from northernmost New Zealand. Records of the Auckland Institute and Museum 4(2): 134-140. 1951


edited: 06.02.2024