Blackburnia sharpi (Blackburn)

Sharp’s Blackburnia Ground Beetle (Blackburnia sharpi)

Sharp’s Blackburnia Ground Beetle was described in 1878, it was endemic to the island of Maui, Hawaiian Islands.

The species was apparently restricted to the endemic koa forests that in former times covered large areas but are now almost completely lost due to logging as well as compacting of the soil due to trampling by invasive cattle. [1]

Sharp’s Blackburnia Ground Beetle was not found during recent surveys and is most likely already extinct.



[1] James K. Liebherr: The mecyclothorax beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Moriomorphini) of Haleakala-, Maui: Keystone of a hyperdiverse Hawaiian radiation. Zookeys 544: 1-407. 2015


edited: 02.09.2019