Cyanea copelandii ssp. copelandii Rock

Copeland’s Cyanea (Cyanea copelandii ssp. copelandii)

Copeland’s Cyanea is an epiphytic species that once inhabited the rainforests of at least two of the Hawai’i Islands, namely Hawai’i and Maui, with its own endemic subspecies on each of the islands. 

The nominate form once occurred on the southeastern slopes of Mauna Loa in Hawai’i, where it was last found in 1957. It is now considered extinct. 

The Maui Island subspecies, Cyanea copelandii ssp. haleakalaensis (H. St. John) Lammers, is itself threatened with extinction.


syn. Cyanea crispihirta E. Wimm., Delissea crispihirta (E. Wimm.) H. St. John


Photo from: ‘Joseph F. Rock: A monographic study of the Hawaiian species of the tribe Lobelioideae, Family Campanulaceae. Memoirs of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History 7: 1-394. 1918’ 

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edited: 27.04.2012