Gomphandra lancifolia Merr.

Lance-leaved Gomphandra (Gomphandra lancifolia)

The Lance-leaved Gomphandra is known only from its type locality in dry lowland forest at Mt. Dingalan on the island of Luzon, Philippines.

The species was described in 1920.:

A glabrous tree, about 6 m high. 

A species well characterized by its lanceolate, subcaudate-acuminate, few-nerved leaves which are subequally narrowed to both base and apex, as well as by its rather large fruits.
” [1]

The whole region of the type locality has been logged since the 1990s, thus it is highly unlikely that this regional endemic species still survives, it is very likely extinct now.


The photo below shows a congeneric taxon, the Luzon Gomphandra (Gomphandra luzoniensis (Merr.) Merr.), a rather widespread species that also occurs naturally in the Philippine Islands.


Luzon Gomphandra (Gomphandra luzoniensis)

Photo: Ah Jin



[1] Elmer D. Merrill: New or noteworthy Philippine plants, XVI. The Philippine Journal of Science 17: 239-325. 1920


edited: 11.02.2024