Trochalopteron milnei ssp. milnei David

Red-tailed Laughingtrush (Trochalopteron milnei ssp. milnei)  

The Red-tailed Laughingtrush was described in 1874, originally from the surroundings of the village of Guadun in the north-western Fujian Province in south-east China; the species was subsequently found in other parts of China as well as in Laos and Vietnan, these populations, however, were all assigned to distinct subspecies.

The nominate form differed from the other subspecies mainly by the plumage of its breast which was uniformly grey instead of being scaly grey.

In the 1930s the nominate form was apparently already restricted to the higher elevations of the mountains close to its former range and finally died out sometimes later with the main reason for this being deforestation.


Red-tailed Laughingtrush (Trochalopteron milnei ssp. vitryi), occurring in parts of Laos and Vietnam

Photo: JJ Harrison 



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edited: 22.01.2024