Pampusana salamonis (Ramsay)

Thick-billed Ground Dove (Pampusana salamonis)

The Thick-billed Ground Dove is a quite unknown species that appears to have been found on at least two islands in the Solomon Islands chain, Makira and Ramos, offshore the northeast coast of Santa Isabela Island, it might have been more widespread in former times, however.

The species is known from only two specimens which date from 1882 and 1927 respectively. 

The Thick-billed Ground Dove was a ground-dwelling bird and probably fell victim to introduced mammal predators like cats and dogs.


syn. Alopecoenas salamonis (Ramsay), Gallicolumba salamonis (Ramsay), Phlogaenas salamonis Ramsay


edited: 09.03.2020