Antanartia borbonica ssp. mauritiana Manders

Borbon Admiral (Antanartia borbonica ssp. mauritiana)

The Bourbon Admiral is an endemic of the Mascarene Islands (and does not live in Madagascar, contrary to statements to the contrary in older literature). 

Two subspecies are recognized, the nominate form lives on the island of Réunion, while the island of Mauritius previously harbored an endemic form that differed from the nominate form by its smaller size. 

According to N. Manders, who described the taxon of the island of Mauritius in 1908, the caterpillars feed on the leaves of the Nettle-leaved Pilea (Pilea urticifolia Blume). 


The extinction date is not known, but the Mauritian subspecies was apparently last recorded in 1938. 


Depiction from: ‘N. Manders: The Butterflies of Mauritius and Bourbon. Transactions of the Entomological Society of London. 429-454. 1907’

(public domain)



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edited: 09.01.2012