Laminella citrina ssp. semivenulata Borcherding 

Manawai Citrine Laminella Snail (Laminella citrina ssp. semivenulata)  

The Manawai Citrine Laminella Snail was described in 1906, originally as a distinct species, on the basis of specimens that were found at a place named Manawai in eastern Moloka‘i, Hawaiian Islands.

The shells reach sizes of about 1,8 cm in height; they are “sinistral, imperforate, sometimes distinctly perforate, rather solid, smooth (very finely striated longitudinally under the lens), somewhat shining, pale buff, figured with very small black spots, the upper whorls and the last one below the middle elegantly ornamented with black veined lines.” [1]

This form is now considered extinct.



[1] George W. Tryon; Henry A. Pilsbry; a.o.: Manual of Conchology. Second series: Pulmonata. Vol 21: Achatinellidae (Amastrinae). 1911


edited: 02.06.2021