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Amytornis textilis ssp. giganturus (Milligan)

Northern Thick-billed Grasswren (Amytornis textilis ssp. giganturus 

The Northern Thick-billed Grasswren was endemic to Western Australia, it was originally discovered near the town of Mount Magnet, it was also found near the town of Wiluna and around Lake Carnegie, where it inhabited the salt-tolerant vegetation.  

The Northern Thick-billed Grasswren was not found since 1908 [or 1909 according to which source] and is now extinct.  


birds on bottom, left and right; together with Thick-billed Grasswren (Amytornis modestus ssp. modestus (North))

Depiction from: ‘Gregory M. Mathews: The Birds of Australia. London: Witherby & Co. 1910-1927’

(public domain) 


edited: 22.03.2018