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Annona ecuadorensis R. E. Fr.

Ecuadorian Annona (Annona ecuadorensis)

The Ecuadorian Annona is a large tree that was found only once, in 1995, in the wet coastal forests in Cerro Azul in the Guayas Province of Ecuador.

The only known locality is now a working quarry and this species is very likely almost if not completely extinct now.


edited: 27.01.2022

Guatteria microcarpa Ruiz & Pav. ex G. Don

Small-seeded Guatteria (Guatteria microcarpa)

The Small-seeded Guatteria is known from a herbarium specimen that was collected near Guayaquil, the capital of the Guayas Province of Ecuador sometimes between 1788 and 1788, as well as from a second specimen, which again was collected about a century later

The species was not found recently and is very likely extinct.


Depiction from: ‘H. Ruiz López; J. A. Pavón: Flora Peruviana, et Chilensis. Vol. 4-5. Anales del Instituto Botánico A.J. Cavanilles. Vol. 12-16. 1954-1959

(under creative commons license (4.0))


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