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Araliaceae gen. & sp. ‘Rapa Nui’

(Araliaceae gen. & sp.)

This taxon is apparently known from subfossil remains (pollen?) that were found on the island of Rapa Nui.

There are several endemic genera of this family found in Polynesia, it is thus possible that Rapa Nui too had its own endemic genus, at least its own endemic species.



[1] Jean-François Butaud: Inventaire des espèces natives de l’île de Pâques, pp. 138-139. In: l’île de Pâques. Le nombril du monde? MUSEO Éditions 2018


edited: 13.01.2024

Polyscias sechellarum var. contracta F. Friedmann

Bois Banane (Polyscias sechellarum var. contracta)

The Bois Banane (Polyscias sechellarum Baker) is endemic to the Seychelles Islands, where it occurs or occurred on the islands of Curieuse, Félicite, La Digue, Mahé, Praslin, and Silhouette.

The species is split into at least three varieties of which the one discussed here apparently was restricted tot he island of Mahé, from which, however, it was not recorded in recent surveys, it is thus considered most likely extinct. 


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Dendropanax cordifolius Britton

Heart-leaved Dendropanax (Dendropanax cordifolius)

The Heart-leaved Dendropanax, described in 1912, is known from wooded limestone hills at the summit of Dolphin Head Mountain on the island of Jamaica.

The species is a small, slender tree, about 6 m tall.

The Heart-leaved Dendropanax has not found during recent searches, habitat declines and degradation apparently led to its possible extinction.


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