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Dicolpomys fossor Winge

Digging Spiny Rat (Dicolpomys fossor)

This species was described in 1887 on the basis of fossils that were found in Pleistocene deposits in Brazil; additional material was later also found in deposits that could be dated to the Early Holocene.

The same species, however, was recently recorded based on subfossil remains from the Late Holocene of Argentinia, thus it appears to have survived there and was then extirpated by humans, maybe even after the arrival of the first European settlers in the 15th century. [1]



[1] Diego H. Verzi; A. Itarí Olivares; Patricia Hadler; Juan C. Castro; Eduardo P. Tonni: Occurrence of Dicolpomys (Echimyidae) in the late Holocene of Argentinia: The most recently extinct South American caviomorph genus. Quaternary International 490: 123-131. 2018


edited: 19.08.2022

Gurneyacris nigrofasciata Liebermann

Black-striped Grasshopper (Gurneyacris nigrofasciata)

The Black-striped Grasshopper was described in 1958; it is known from Argentinia and Uruguay.

The species is bright yellow colored and bears several black longitudinal stripes along the body and the legs.

The Black-striped Grasshopper was last recorded in 1972 and might well be extinct.


edited: 29.01.2024

Aylacostoma stigmaticum Hylton Scott

Stigmated Aylacostoma Snail (Aylacostoma stigmaticum)

This species was described in 1954, it was endemic to highly oxygenated freshwater habitats near the Yacyretá-Apipé rapids in the high Paraná river at the border area between Argentinia and Paraguay.

The habitat disappeared when the river system was dammed, leading tot he disappearance of the endemic snail fauna, including the Stigmated Aylacostoma Snail. 

The Stigmated Aylacostoma Snail is officially listed as extinct in the wild, yet there exists no captive population or whatsoever, thus the species is definetly completely extinct. [1]



[1] Roberto E. Vogler; Ariel A. Beltramino; Juana G. Peso; Alejandra Rumi: Threatened gastropods under the evolutionary genetic species concept: redescription and new species of the genus Aylacostoma (Gastropoda: Thiaridae) from High Paraná River (Argentina–Paraguay). Zoological Journal oft he Linnean Society 172: 501-520. 2014


edited: 24.11.2018