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Ariophanta thyreus (Benson)

Thyreus Snail (Ariophanta thyreus)

The Thyreus Snail was described in 1852; it was known from several places in the Nilgiri Mountains in southern India.

The shells on average reach sizes of about 3,5 cm in diameter; they are of a horny brown color and often have a narrow dark rufous band below the subangulate periphery.

The species is now considered possibly extinct. [1]



[1] Robert H. Cowie; Claire Régnier; Benoît Fontaine; Philippe Bouchet. Measuring the Sixth Extinction: what do mollusks tell us? The Nautilus 131(1): 3-41. 2017


Photo: Naturalis Biodiversity Center

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Malagarion borbonica (Morelet)

Reunion Ariophantid Snail (Malagarion borbonica)

This species was described in 1860, it was endemic to the island of Réunion and is now considered extinct.


Photo: The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London



edited: 28.04.2021