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Asplenium disjunctum Sledge

Disjunct Spleenwort (Asplenium disjunctum)

The Disjunct Spleenwort is endemic to the island of Sri Lanka where it is known from only two localities; it was only ever collected two times, the last record dates to the year 1885. [2]


The Disjunct Spleenwort was originally referred to by Beddome in 1892 as probably being an abnormal variety of the Furcate Spleenwort (Asplenium furcatum Thunb.).:

Asplenium furcatum. Mr. Trimen sends from Passara, 1,500 feet alt., in ceylon, a variety (probably abnormal) with the pinnae cut into filiform pinnules.” [1]


The Disjunct Spleenwort was subsequently recognized and described as a distinct species only in 1965 – when it probably was already extinct. 



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edited: 21.09.2020