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Bulbophyllum sanguineum H. Perrier

Blood-red Bulbophyllum Orchid (Bulbophyllum sanguineum)

The Blood-red Bulbophyllum Orchid was described in 1937, it is endemic to Madagascar, where it grows, or was growing, as a small epiphyt in the forests at higher elevations.

The species was apparently never found since its description and, given the fact that most of Madagascars forests still are burned down, this species may now quite well be extinct. 


The species is obviously sometimes mistaken for another one, the Red-puncted Bulbophyllum Orchid (Bulbophyllum sanguineopunctatum Seidenf. & A. D. Kerr), which is quite commonly found in cultivation.


edited: 12.11.2020

Bulbophyllum erythroglossum Bosser

Red-tongued Bulbophyllum Orchid (Bulbophyllum erythroglossum)

The Red-tongued Bulbophyllum Orchid was described in 2000, apparently when it already wasn’t existing anymore.

The species was found in the vicinity of the city of Toamasina in the Atsinanana Region of eastern Madagascar, it was last recorded in 1964 but hasn’t been found since and is thus very likely extinct.


edited: 23.04.2022