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Bulimulus brunoi (Ihering)

Bruno’s Bulimulus Snail (Bulimulus brunoi)

Bruno’s Bulimulus Snail was described in 1917; it was endemic to the Ilha da Trindade offshore Brazil.

Only the shell of B. brunoi is known; unfortunately, no complete animal has so far been recovered.” [1]

The species disappeared due to the more or less complete destruction of the island’s native vegetation by introduced feral goats. [1]



[1] Rodrigo B. Salvador; Carlo M. Cunha; Luiz Ricardo L. Simone: Taxonomic revision of the orthalicid land snails (Pulmonata: Stylommatophora) from Trindade Island, Brazil. Journal of Natural History 47(13-14): 949-961. 2013


edited: 02.05.2022