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Bythinella punica (Letourneux & Bourguignat)

Scarlet Spring Snail (Bythinella punica 

The Scarlet Spring Snail inhabited springs near the city of Enfidaville in the Sousse Governorate, Tunisia, a habitat that no longer exists.  

The last living members of this species were found at the end of the 19th century.  


It is possible, however, that this species is identical with the likewise extinct Kairouan Spring Snail (Bythinella limnopsis Letourneux & Bourguignat).  


Another tiny spring-snail species whose name appears in several lists of extinct molluscs (Mercuria punica (Letourneux & Bourguignat)) very likely is identical with this species, but if it indeed turns out to be valid however, it must be placed in a different family (Hydrobiidae). [1]



[1] Peter Glöer; Hans D. Boeters; Frank Walther: Species of the genus Mercuria Boeters, 1971 (Caenogastropoda: Truncatelloides: Hydrobiidae) from the European Mediterranean region, Morocco and Madeira, with descriptions of new species. Folia Malacologica 23(4): 279-291. 2015


edited: 05.05.2019