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Calyptranthes arenicola Urb.

El Morrillo Myrtle (Calyptranthes arenicola 

This species is known only from a small region near Playa El Morrillo in the Pinar del Río Province on the northwestern coast of Cuba.

The species’ name appears in listings of extinct species, thus it is mentioned here as well, unfortunately I could not find out any further information so far.


edited: 02.11.2020

Calyptranthes boldinghii Urb.

Sint Maarten-Myrtle (Calyptranthes boldinghii)  

The small, shrubby Sint Maarten-Myrtle was described in 1909, it is known only by the type material which was collected somewhere in the Dutch southern part of the island of Sint Maarten/St. Martin.

The species was not found again since, it is very likely extinct. 


edited: 07.10.2020