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Euonymus atropurpureus var. cheatumii Lundell

Cheatum’s Wahoo (Euonymus atropurpureus var. cheatumii)

Cheatum’s Wahoo, a variety of the American Wahoo (Euonymus atropurpureus Jacq.), is known only from a single population that was restricted again to a single place in Dallas County, Texas, USA.

This single population is believed to have been destroyed by insects (which insects?) in 1944, the variety is now regarded as being extinct.


edited: 27.01.2020

Monteverdia manabiensis (Loes.) Biral

Manabi Maytenus (Monteverdia manabiensis)

The manabi Maytenus is or was a small treelet that was discovered in the 19th century in a unspecified localitay in the Manabí Province of Ecuador.

The species was never recorded again and is considered most likely extinct.


edited: 03.09.2020

Maytenus lineata C. Wright ex Griseb.

Linear-leaved Maytenus (Maytenus lineata)

The Linear-leaved Maytenus is or was an up to 4 m tall shrub or little tree endemic to the Pinar del Río Province of Cuba and is now regarded as extinct. [1]

The species was locally known as Nazareno or Nazareno morado



[1] R. Berazaín: The extinct Flora of Cuba. Bissea 3(2). 2009


edited: 03.09.2020