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Phaseolus rimbachii Standl.

Rimbach’s Bean (Phaseolus rimbachii 

Rimbach’s Bean is a somewhat enigmatic species, that is known from the type collection which was collected at an elevation of about 2800 m near the city of Riobamba in the Chimborazo Province, Ecuador at an unknown date. [?]  

The species was described in 1940, it was a up to 5 m tall climbing liana with the leaves having a conspicuously glaucous under surface.  

Rimbach’s Bean was never found again since, the type locality is now more or less destructed, so the species is most probably extinct.  


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Piper bullatifolium Sodiro

Bubble-leaved Pepper Tree (Piper bullatifolium)

The Bubble-leaved Pepper Tree is known only on the basis of the type material that was collected about one century ago.

The species was restricted to the Andean mountain forests in the province Chimborazo in ecuador, where it was found at elevations between 2000 and 2500 m. 


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Arenaria radians Benth.

Radiated Sandwort (Arenaria radians)

The Radiated Sandwort was endemic to Ecuador, where it apparently was restricted to the vicinity of the Chimborazo volcano.

The species is known from the type material only which was collected in 1841 or 1842, there is, however, some additional material, which, despite being very similar, seems not to belong to that species.

The Radiated Sandwort may be extinct, or may be identical with another species, Arenaria dicranoides Kunth. 


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Atelopus arthuri Peters

Arthur’s Stub-foot Toad (Atelopus arthuri)

Arthur’s Stub-foot Toad was described in 1973, this beautiful littles species occurred in moist montane forests at three localities in the Andes of the Chimborazo Province, Ecuador.

The species was last recorded in 1988, it was never seen since and is now considered most certainly extinct, the reason for its disappearance is the deadly chytridiomycosis fungal disease, caused by the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Longcore, Pessier & D. K. Nichols..


©Luis A. Coloma 

(by courtesy of Néstor Acosta)


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Miconia scabra Cogn.

Rough Miconia (Miconia scabra)

The Rough Miconia is known exclusively from the type material that was collected in the year 1876 somewhere at the Chimborazo volcano in the Chimborazo Province of Ecuador.

The area where this species is thought to have been fpund is quite frequently visited by botanists, however, this species was never found again and is now considered most likely extinct.


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