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Chlosyne leanira ssp. obsoleta (Edwards)

Obsolete Checkerspot (Chlosyne leanira ssp. obsoleta)

The Leanira Checkerspot (Chlosyne leanira (C. & R. Felder)) is a species of butterfly that occurs with at least eleven subspecies over the southern parts of North America including Mexico and parts of the USA.

At least one of these subspecies, the obsolete Checkerspot, is now apparently extinct, it was restricted to a small area in California and was last seen sometimes prior 1956.

The photo below shows an individual of another Californian subspecies, Wright’s Checkerspot (Chlosyne leanira ssp. wrightii (W. H. Edwards)).


Wright’s Checkerspot (Chlosyne leanira ssp. wrightii)

Photo: James Bailey



edited: 11.08.2022