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Clermontia multiflora Hillebr.

Many-flowered Clermontia (Clermontia multiflora)  

The Many-flowered Clermontia occurred in the Waihe’e Valley in western Maui and in the Ko’olau Mauntains on O’ahu, Hawaiian Islands.

The species was a multi-branched shrub and reached sizes of 2 to 4 m.  

The Many-flowered Clermontia is apparently known exclusively from specimens that had been collected in 1870 and, as it was never found since, is considered extinct.  


Photo from: ‘Joseph F. Rock: A monographic study of the Hawaiian species of the tribe Lobelioideae, Family Campanulaceae. Memoirs of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History 7: 1-394. 1918’  

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edited: 20.03.2018