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Plectocephalus gayanus (J. Rémy) Penneck. & Chaura

Gay’s Knapweed (Plectocephalus gayanus)

Gay’s Knapweed was described in 1849 based on material that had been collected somewhere in the hills of the Coquimbo Province, Chile.

The species is furtermore known to have also occurred in the Atacama region of the Huasco Province. [1]


I was not able so far to find any furter information about this enigmatic species.



[1] Diego Penneckamp; Rodrigo Chaura; Gloria Rojas; Tod Stuessy: Taxonomic notes on Plectocephalus (Centaurea s.l., Centaureinae, Asteraceae) from Chile, including new combinations and synonyms. Phytotaxa 437(4): 227-236. 2020


edited: 01.11.2020