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Volia athollandersoni Molnar, Worthy & Willis

Fijian Terrestrial Crocodile (Volia athollandersoni)

The Fijian Terrestrial Crocodile was described in 2002 based on numerous fossil or subfossil remains that were excavated on the island of Viti Levu. It was a member of the Mekosuchinae, a now extinct subfamily of rather strange, smaller crocodylians most of which were terrestrial animals and some obviously even tree-dwellers.

The Fijian species reached a size of 2 to 3 m and thus was the largest terrestrial carnivore and most likely preyed upon other large reptiles like iguanas and birds.

The Fijian Terrestrial Crocodile very likely was a favorite hunting target of the first humans and was soon completely eradicated. [1]



[1] R. E. Molnar; T. Worthy; P. M. A. Willis: An extinct Pleistocene endemic Mekosuchine Crocodylian from Fiji. Journal of Vertebrate Paelontology 22(3): 612-628. 2002


edited: 04.10.2020

Voay robustus (Grandidier & Vaillant)

Madagascar Crocodile (Voay robustus)

The Madagascar Crocodile was described in 1872, it is known only from subfossil remains, that were found very numerously on the island of Madagascar.

The species reached lengths of about 5 m.


Madagascar is now inhabited by another crocodile species, the Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus (Laurenti)), which might have occurred sympatrically with the extinct species, or which – more likely – was only able to successfully establish itself after the extinction of the endmic species.


edited: 04.10.2020