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Curculionidae gen. & sp. ‘Mo’orea’

Moorean Cossonine Weevil(s) (Curculionidae gen. & sp.)

At least five genera/species assignable to the weevil subfamily Cossoninae are known from subfossil pronota found in deposits on the island of Mo’orea, Society Islands.

These remains belong to species of very different dimensions; the largest of them being almost nine times as large as the smallest.



[1] Jennifer G. Kahn, Cordelia Nickelsen, Janelle Stevenson, Nick Porch, Emilie Dotte-Sarout, Carl C. Christensen, Lauren May, J. Stephen Athens, Patrick V. Kirch: Mid- to late Holocene landscape change and anthropogenic transformations on Mo‘orea, Society Islands: A multi-proxy approach. The Holocene 1-15. 2014


edited: 31.10.2020

Curculionidae gen. & sp. ‘Marquesas’

Marquesaan Long-snouted Weevil (Curculionidae gen. & sp.)

The Marquesaan Long-snouted Weevil (not an official name) is known from subfssil remains found on one of the Marquesas Islands.

The species reached a size of about 0,2 cm; it was blackish colored and its head had an elongated snout that made up about the half of its full length.


The species is currently under rewiew by Nick Porch, an Australian entomologist specialized in subfossil insect remains.


edited: 31.10.2020