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Carex vicinalis Boott

Neighboring Sedge (Carex vicinalis)

This sedge was described in 1867; it is known only from the type material that was collected somewhere in the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, India.

The species might be extinct.


edited: 15.08.2022

Cyperus chionocephalus (Chiov.) Chiov. ex Chiarugi

Snowhead Sedge (Cyperus chionocephalus)

The Snowhead Sedge was described in 1939, it is, or was, endemic to Somalia; the author of the species mentiones the following about it (in a revision in 1951).:

Poco diffuso; poco sviluppato in altezza (10-20 cm.). A Mega cresce lungo l’uadi presso la Residenza Italiana e sulla collina presso il Consolata Inglese, sotto Juniperus procera.” [1]


Not widespread; little developed in height (10-20 cm.). A big stand grows along the wadi at the Italian residence and on the hill near the English consulate, under Juniperus procera.”

According to this account, the species appears to have been restricted to an area that now is the city of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.


I personally have no further information about this species, it appears in a list of extinct species, thus I’ll mention it here as well.



[1] Emilio Chiovenda: Missione Biologica Sagan-Omo. Journal of Plant Taxonomy and Geography 8(1): 1-120. 1951


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Carex repanda C. B. Clarke

Arched Sedge (Carex repanda)

The Arched sedge was described in 1894, it is, or maybe, was apparently restricted to the Khasi Hills, a low mountain formation on the Shillong Plateau in Meghalaya, India. [1]

the species appears to be extinct now.


[1] Joseph Dalton Hooker: The flora of British India. London: L. Reeve 1875-1897


edited: 21.09.2020

Carex wahuensis ssp. herbstii T. Koyama

Herbst’s Oahu Sedge (Carex wahuensis ssp. herbstii)

The Oahu Sedge (Carex wahuensis C.A. Mey.) (see photo) is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands where it seems to be quite common and widespread.

One of the three recognized subspecies, however, was obviously restricted to a single locality in the Moanalua Valley in the Ko’olau Mountains on O’ahu, Hawaiian Islands and appears to be known by only a single collection.

This form is now considered extinct.


Oahu Sedge (Carex wahuensis C. A. Mey.); nominate form

Photo: Damon Tighe


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Cyperus neokunthianus Kük.

Kunth’s Sedge (Cyperus neokunthianus)

Kunth’s Sedge was described in 1888, it was appareantly restricted to a single area in the Waihe’e Valley on western Maui, Hawaiian Islands.

The species was never recorded since and is now considered extinct.


edited: 27.05.2019