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Danais corymbosa Balf. f.

Corymbose Danais (Danais corymbosa)

This species was described in 1879, it is endemic to the island of Rodrigues in the Mascarene Islands.

This species is not common on the island and only occurs in the higher districts.

The Rodrigues plant is not unlike some of the forms of D. fragrans, Comm., but differs conspicuously in the form and long petiolation of its leaves and its longer paniculate inflorescence, the rachis exceeding considerably the petiole.
” [1]



[1] An Account of the Petrological, Botanical, and Zoological Collection Made in Kerguelen’s Land and Rodriguez during the Transit of Venus Expeditions. Botany. 302-419. 1874-75


edited: 15.05.2021

Danais sulcata Pers.

Furrowed Danais (Danais sulcata)

This species was described in 1805, it is endemic to the island of Mauritius in the Mascarene Islands.

The species’ name appears in lists of extinct species and thus will also be mentioned here, unfortunately I did not find any further information about it.


edited: 15.05.2021