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Ctenitis pallatangana (Hook.) Ching

Pallatanga Ctenitis Fern (Ctenitis pallatangana)

This species is known only one collection that was made in the 19th century in the high Andean forests somewhere near the village of Pallatanga in the Chimborazo Province of Ecuador.

The species is believed to be extinct due to habitat destruction by agricultural expansion.


edited: 13.11.2021

Polystichum fuentesii Espinosa

Fuentes’ Shield Fern (Polystichum fuentesii)

Fuentes’ Shield Fern is one of the few plant species that are known to be endemic to the island of Rapa Nui.

The species, however, is known only from the type material that was collected in 1911, so apparently it was already on the brink of extinction back then.


edited: 08.05.2021

Polystichum wattii (Bedd.) C. Chr.

Watt’s Shield Fern (Polystichum wattii 

Watt’s Shield Fern had a restricted distribution in the east part of the Indian state of Manipur, where it was found growing at ca. 1800 m altitude.  

The species is now thought to be extinct.  



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