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Endodonta fricki (Pfeiffer)

Frick’s Disc Snail (Endodonta fricki)

Frick’s Disc Snail was described in 1858, it was apparently distributed over the whole Wai’anae Mountains on the island of O’ahu, Hawaiian Islands, some of the specimens included in here, however, are probably geographical subspecies or even distinct species. 

The shells of this species reached sizes of about 0,26 to 0,38 cm in heigth. [1]


Frick’s Disc Snail is now, like most of its congeners, extinct. [2]



[1] Henry A. Pilsbry; C. Montangue Cooke Jr.; Marie C. Neal: Land Snails from Hawaii, Christmas Island, and Samoa. Bishop Museum Bulletin 47: 1-49. 1928
[2] Norine W. Yeung; Kenneth A. Hayes: Biodiversity and extinction of Hawaiian land snails: how many are left now and what must we do to conserve them – a reply to. Integrative and Comparative Biology 58(6): 1157-1169. 2018


Depiction from: ‘G. W. Tryon; Henry A. Pilsbry; a.o.: Manual of Conchology. Second Series: Pulmonata Vol. 3, Helicidae Vol. 1. 1887’

(public domain)


edited: 08.05.2019