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Otomys cheesmani Taylor, Lavrenchenko, Carleton, Verheyen, Bennett, Oosthuizen & Maree

Cheesman’s Vlei Rat (Otomys cheesmani)

This species was described in 2011 based on the dried skin and skull of an adult male that had been collected in 1937; it was apparently restricted to a small area at Mt. Choqa in north-western Ethiopia

It is believed that the species was last seen in 1968; it might now be extinct.


edited: 29.04.2022

Telchinia guichardi (Gabriel)

Guichard’s Glasswing Butterfly (Telchinia guichardi)

Guichard’s Glasswing Butterfly was described in 1949. [1]

The species is said to have inhabited the marshy areas and swamps of Lepkempti (very likely Lekempti) in Ethiopia; this and the surrounding areas have been drained for agricultural purposes.

The species is now most likely extinct.



[1] A. G. Gabriel: Notes on the Rhopalocera of Abyssinia. Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London. Series B, Taxonomy 18(11-12): 207-216. 1949


edited: 07.05.2021

Altiphrynoides osgoodi (Loveridge)

Osgood’s Ethiopian Toad (Altiphrynoides osgoodi)  

Osgood’s Ethiopian Toad was described in 1932, it inhabited tropical montane forests in some areas east of the Great Rift Valley in south-central Ethiopia.

The species was last found in 2003, despite extensive surveys, it could not be rediscovered and is now possibly extinct.


edited: 30.04.2021