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Brachygalba lugubris ssp. phaeonota Todd

Todd’s Brown Jacamar (Brachygalba lugubris ssp. phaeonota)

Todd’s Brown Jacamar was described in 1943, originally as a distinct species; it is known only from a single specimen that was found in 1923 in Tonantins at the Rio Solimões in central Brazil.

The taxon was described as follows.:

“… Upperparts dark brown (bister), the pileum a little paler (sepia); wings and tail black with a faint steel blue gloss, the former with a narrow white band underneath, at the base of the remiges; throat, breast, sides, and under tail-coverts dark brown like the upperparts, leaving only the middle of the abdomen soiled white; feathers of the chin and upper throat with faint whitish shaft-stripes and rufescent tips; “iris milky white; feet blackish; bill black.” Wing, 71; tail, 53; exposed culmen, 43.” [1]

Todd’s Brown Jacamar is said to differ from the nominate race by its uniformly darker, more brownish, less rufescent coloration, by lacking any white above the eyes and by its “dark-colored throat with just the faintest possible suggestion of a pale submaxillary line on either side.” [1]

This form is not accepted by all ornithologists but may very well be valid, if so, it appears to be extinct now.

syn. Brachygalba phaeonota Todd


Depiction from: ‘P. L. Sclater: A monograph of the jacamars and puff-birds, or families Galbuliae and Bucconidae. London, published for the author by R. H. Porter 1882’

(public domain)



[1] W. E. C. Todd: Studies in the Jacamars and Puff-birds. Annals of the Carnegie Museum 30: 1-18. 1943-1974


edited: 01.03.2024