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Knipowitschia cameliae Nalbant & Oţel

Danube Delta Dwarf Goby (Knipowitschia cameliae)

The Danube Delta Dwarf Goby is a very small freshwater goby that is only known from a single small lagoon south of the Danube Delta in Romania, where it inhabited shallow brackish and fresh water, usually less than 1 m deep.

The species reached a length of only about 3 cm; it was greyish colored and its body was covered with small blackish spots.

The Danube Delta Dwarf Goby was last seen in 1994, since then it is lost without any trace and appears to be extinct.


edited: 12.05.2022

Mugilogobius amadi (Weber)

Poso Bungu Goby (Mugilogobius amadi)

The Poso Bungu Goby was described in 1913. 

The species was endemic to Lake Poso on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

The fish reached a length of around 14.5 cm and was colored a solid dark brown to black. 


The Poso Bungu Gobies were last recorded in 1987, but their trace has been lost since then. The disappearance of the species is probably caused by alien fish (which ones?) that were released into Lake Poso. 


The photo below shows another, closely related species, Sarasin’s Goby (Mugilogobius sarasinorum(Boulenger)), which is also inhabiting waters in Sulawesi, Indonesia.


syn. Gobius amadi Weber Weberogobius amadi (Weber)


Sarasin’s Goby (Mugilogobius sarasinorum)

Photo: fachrynurmallojr


edited: 12.02.2024