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Helenomelas basilewskyi Ardoin

Basilewsky’s Darkling Beetle (Helenomelas basilewskyi)

This species is/was endmic to the island of Saint Helena in the southern Atlantic Ocean, where it was apparently restricted to the Prosperous Bay Plain at the eastern coast of the island.

The quite large species reaches a length of about 1,5 cm and is shiny black colored, it superficially resembles scarabeid beetles (Scarabeidae).

Basilewsky’s Darkling Beetle was not found during recent searches in 2003 and is feared to be extinct. [1]



[1] Philip Ashmole; Myrtle Ashmole: Guide to Invertebrates of Prosperous Bay Plain, St Helena and illustrated account of species found on the Eastern Arid Area (EAA), including Prosperous Bay Plain, Holdfast Tom and Horse Point Plain. Report for St Helena Government 2004


edited: 02.12.2018