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Hipposideros besaoka Samonds

Besoaka Roundleaf Bat (Hipposideros besaoka)

The Besoaka Roundleaf Bat was described in 2007 based on subfossil remains that were recovered from deposits in the Grotte d’Anjohibe in the former Mahajanga Province in northern Madagascar.

The species was closely related to the recent Commerson’s Raoundleaf Bat (Hipposideros commersoni (E. Geoffroyi)) (see photo below) and both species apparently lived sympatrically.

The Besoaka Roundleaf Bat seems to have disappeared at the beginning of the Holocene.



[1] K. E. Samonds: Late Pleistocene bat fossils from Anjohibe Cave, northwestern Madagascar. Acta Chiropterologica 9(1):39–65. 2007


Commerson’s Roundleaf Bat (Hipposideros commersoni)

Photo: Charles J. Sharp



edited: 17.05.2022