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Horologion speokites Valentine

Arbuckle Cave Ground Beetle (Horologion speokites)

The Arbuckle Cave Ground Beetle was described in 1932; it is still known exclusively from the type that was collected one year prior in a cave named Arbuckle Cave, which is supposed to be located in the Greenbrier County of West Virginia, USA.

This species is known only from the holotype collected in a cave three miles north of Lewisburg, near Maxwelton, in southeastern West Virginia. The cave has two rather small rooms connected by a narrow, descending, and tortuous passage. The specimen was found in the lower room, which was wet, muddy, and quite dark.” [1]

The biology of this species is completely unknown, it is not even certain that it is indeed a true cave species; it might now be extinct.



J. M. Valentine: Horologion, a new genus of cave beetles (fam. Carabidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 25(1): 1-11. 1932


edited: 07.08.2022