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Hylascirtus chlorostea (Reynolds & Foster)

Paracti Tree Frog (Hylascirtus chlorostea)

This species was described in 1992 on the basis of a single male specimen that was collected in 1979 at a place named Paracti in the Cochabamba Department of the Chapare Province, Bolivia.

The scientific species epithet refers to the green-colored bones of this frog species, possibly a result of the impregnation of the tissues with biliverdin and found in other frog species too.

The type locality was surveyed for several times since 1988, yet no additional individual could be detected, thus the Paracti Tree Frog is believed to be possibly extinct. [1]



[1] Julián Faivovich; Ignacio De la Riva: On “Hyla” chlorostea Reynolds and Foster, 1992, a Hylid of uncertain relationships, with some comments on Hyloscirtus (Anura: Hylidae). Copeia 785-791. 2006


edited: 16.01.2019