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Hymenophyllum sp. ‘Rapa Nui’

Rapa Nui Filmy-Fern (Hymenophyllum sp.)

This genus almost certainly once occurred on Rapa Nui; I personally have no idea if there are spore findings to prove that or if this name appears in the listing mentioned below just as a hypothetical account. [1] 



[1] Jean-François Butaud: Inventaire des espèces natives de l’île de Pâques, pp. 138-139. In: l’île de Pâques. Le nombril du monde? MUSEO Éditions 2018


edited: 21.01.2022

Hymenophyllum helicoideum Sodiro

Helicoid Filmy Fern (Hymenophyllum helicoideum 

The Helicoid Filmy Fern was described in 1892, it is known only from the type material that was collected in the 19th century near San Nicolás in the Pichincha Province of Ecuador.

The type consists of heavily fragmented material that is now kept within a closed pocket on its former herbarium sheet.


edited: 03.11.2020