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Ceraclea albosticta (Hagen)

White-spotted Long-horned Caddisfly (Ceraclea albosticta)

The White-spotted Long-horned Caddisfly was described in 1861; the species was apparently quite widespread, thus it is strange that its name appears in listings of extinct species.

It is mentioned here for the sake of completeness until I will be able to get further information.


edited: 01.11.2020

Alloperla roberti Surdick

Robert’s Stonefly (Alloperla roberti)

Robert’s Stonefly was described in 1981, apparently based on material that had already been collected in 1860 from somewhere in the Rock Island County of Illinois, USA.

The species has not been found since the collection of the type material and is very likely extinct.


edited: 10.08.2022