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Microtus henseli (F. Major)

Tyrrhenian Vole (Microtus henseli)

The Tyrrhenian Vole was described in 1905 based on subfossil remains that had been recovered from cave deposits, the species is known from Corsica as well as from nearby Sardinia.

The species is thought to have survived until about 2000 BCE, and to have disappeared due to the predation by introduced dogs, foxes and weasels.  


edited: 04.05.2019

Sardolutra ichnusae (Malatesta)

Sardinian Otter (Sardolutra ichnusae)

The Sardinian Otter is of late Pleistocene- to early Holocene age and thus will be briefly mentioned here in this blog.

The species was rather small and probably inhabited marine habitats, very much like the recent Marine Otter (Lontra felina (Molina)), which is found along the coast of southwestern South America. [1] 

The Sardinian Otter disappeared at the Pleistocene/Holocene border, and may have survived to about 7000 BC.  



[1] G. F. Willemsen: A revision of the Pliocene and Quaternary Lutrinae from Europe. Scripta Geologica 101. 1992


edited: 16.04.2019