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Paraleptophlebia placeri Mayo

Placer’s Prong-gilled Mayfly (Paraleptophlebia placeri)  

This species was described in 1939.  

The species appears to have been quite widespread, it was originally found in at least three sites: Amador Creek, Dry Creek, Grass Valley Creek, and Jackson Creek in the Amador County, but was also found in other areas including Alameda County, El Dorado County, Marin County, Mariposa County, and Shasta County in California, Benton County, Josephine County, Lincoln County, and Union County in Oregon, as well as Grays Harbor County in Washington.  

The youngest specimens date to 1977, younger collections are not known, and it is possible that this species is already extinct.  


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Calochortus indecorus Ownbey & M. Peck

Sexton Mountain Mariposa Lily (Calochortus indecorus)

This species was described in 1953 on the basis of a specimen that had been collected in 1948 at the foot of the western slope of Sexton Mountain in northwestern Josephine County, Oregon, USA. [1]

The Sexton Mountain Mariposa Lily was never again since and is considered extinct now, it is thought to have vanished due to the construction of the Interstate 5, the main Interstate Highway on the west coast of the USA.



[1] Morton E. Peck: A new Calochortus from Oregon: Leaflets of Western Botany 7(2): 190-192. 1954


Photo: Oregon Department of Agriculture

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