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Senecio masatierrae (Pelser) 

Large-headed Robinsonia (Senecio masatierrae)

The Large-headed Robinsonia, called Incencio in its native land, was limited in its 
distribution to the Isla Robinsón Crusoe in the Juan Fernández Archipelago, Chile. 

There it grew as a small, sparsely branched tree 2 to 5 m high, with the vast majority of specimens remaining smaller. 

The species appears to have been relatively rare even at the time of its discovery. The last specimens were found on the cliffs near Puerto Francés in 1989, and since then there has been no trace of the species. Like many other island-endemic plant species, this one also fell victim to introduced herbivores (in this case goats). 


The genus Robinsonia has now been added to the genus Senecio, which means that some species have also been given new species names. [3]


syn. Robinsonia macrocephala (Decaisne), Symphyochaeta macrocephala (Decaisne)


Photo from: ‘The Natural history of Juan Fernandez and Easter Island, edited by Carl Skottsberg. Vol. 2., Botany. Uppsala: Almqvist & Wiksells Boktryckeri, 1920-1953’ 

(public domain)  



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edited: 12.11.2016