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Cinnamomum trintaense Kosterm.

Trinta Cinnamon (Cinnamomum trintaense)

This species is, or was, restricted to the state of Perak in Peninsular Malaysia, where it was found growing in dense limestone forests at rather low altitudes; it is known only from material that was collected in 1883 and, having never been recorded subsequently, might now well be extinct. [1]


The photo below shows an congeneric species, the Javan Cinnamon (Cinnamomum javanicum Blume), which has a wide distribution that includes parts of Indonesia but also Peninsular Malaysia.


Javan Cinnamon (Cinnamomum javanicum)

Photo: plantboyofsingapore



[1] R. P. J. de Kok: A revision of Cinnamomum Schaeff. (Lauraceae) for Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 71(1): 89-139. 2019


edited: 25.02.2024

Cinnamomum englerianum Schewe

Engler’s Cinnamon (Cinnamomum englerianum)

This species is known from only two collections that were obtained at the early 1900s from a single locality along the Sepik river in Papua New Guinea.

The lowland areas in that region are now highly disturbed due to deforestation and this species might indeed be extinct now.


The photo below shows an unspecified congeneric species (Cinnamomum sp.) that was photographed in Papua New Guinea.


unspecified Cinnamon species (Cinnamomum sp.)

Photo: Kellie Uyeda


edited: 24.02.2024

Cryptocarya sumbawaensis Kosterm.

Sumbawa Cryptocarya (Cryptocarya sumbawaensis)

The Sumbawa Cryptocarya is known from a single locality on the island of Sumbawa, one of the Lesser Sunda Islands in southern Indonesia, where it was found in 1961.

The species might possibly be extinct.


The photo below shows an unspecified congeneric species that was photographed on the island of Java, Indonesia.


unspecified Cryptocarya species (Cryptocarya sp.)

Photo: Ganjar Cahyadi


edited: 26.02.2024

Alseodaphne micrantha Kostermans

Small Alseodaphne (Alseodaphne micrantha)

This species is known from specimens that were collected during the first half of the 20th century at a single locality along a road in the state of Johor, Malaysia.

The species has not been found since and might well be extinct now.


The photo below shows another unspecified species of the same genus.


unspecified Alseodaphne species (Alseodaphne sp.)

Photo: ytt


edited: 14.01.2024

Cryptocarya arfakensis Kaneh. & Hatus.

Arfak Cryptocarya (Cryptocarya arfakensis)

The Arfak Cryptocarya is a small tree that is known only from the type material that was collected in 1940 in the Arfak Mountains in the West Papua Province of the Indonesian part of New Guinea.

The species has never been recorded since; given the constant threat of deforestation and habitat destruction, it is possible that it is already extinct.


edited: 28.04.2022

Phoebe chartacea (Blume) Miq.

Chartaceous Phoebe Tree (Phoebe chartacea)

This species was described in 1855, it is restricted to the island of Java in Indonesia.

The species’ name appears in lists of extinct species (as Dehaasia chartacea (Blume) Kosterm.) and is thus also briefly mentioned here.


edited: 15.05.2021

Cryptocarya ferrarsii King ex Hook. f.

Andaman Cryptocarya (Cryptocarya ferrarsii)

The Andaman Cryptocarya, a little tree described in 1886, is known only from the type collection that was made on Middle Andaman Island in the Andamans, India.

The species has not seen since and is believed to be extinct.


edited: 13.11.2021