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Leptachatina antiqua Pease

Antique Leptachatina Snail (Leptachatina antiqua)  

The Antique Leptachatina Snail was described in 1870, it was already extinct at that date as the author mentions in the description.:  

The shell is subfossil, oblong subcylindrical, solid scarcely rimate, longitudinally faintly striate; whorls 7, flatly convex, narrowly margined at the suture; spire somewhat obtuse; aperture oblong oval; columella obliquely truncate; columellar fold obsolete. Length 9.0, diam. 3,5 mm.” [1]  


The species was apparently a inhabitant of lowland areas and thus disappeared directly after the arrival of the first Polynesian settlers.  



[1] W. Harper Pease: Observations sur les espèces de Coquilles terrestres qui habitent l’île de Kauai (îles Hawaii), accompagnées de descriptions d’espèces nouvelles. Journal de conchyliologie. 3e série. tome Xe. Vol. 18: 87-97. 1970  


Depiction from: ‘George W. Tryon; Henry A. Pilsbry; a.o.: Manual of Conchology. Second series: Pulmonata. Vol 21: Achatinellidae (Amastrinae). 1911’  

(public domain) 


edited: 31.03.2018