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Pampusana salamonis (Ramsay)

Thick-billed Ground Dove (Pampusana salamonis)

The Thick-billed Ground Dove is a quite unknown species that appears to have been found on at least two islands in the Solomon Islands chain, Makira and Ramos, offshore the northeast coast of Santa Isabela Island, it might have been more widespread in former times, however.

The species is known from only two specimens which date from 1882 and 1927 respectively. 

The Thick-billed Ground Dove was a ground-dwelling bird and probably fell victim to introduced mammal predators like cats and dogs.


syn. Alopecoenas salamonis (Ramsay), Gallicolumba salamonis (Ramsay), Phlogaenas salamonis Ramsay


edited: 09.03.2020

Pampusana jobiensis ssp. chalconotus (Mayr)

Vella Lavella White-breasted Ground Dove (Pampusana jobiensis ssp. chalconotus)

The Vella Lavella White-bibbed Ground Dove is a subspecies of the White-breasted Ground Dove (Pampusana jobiensis (A. B. Meyer)) that probably is rather treated as a full species.

The form is apparently known from only four specimens, two juvenile birds, a probably also not fully-grown female and a male.


The Vella Lavella White-breasted Ground Dove is officially still extant, however, as far as I could find out, the species was last seen in the 1940s, no sightings did occur since then and it is quite likely extinct.


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Gallinula silvestris (Mayr)

Makira Woodhen (Gallinula silvestris)

This species is only known from the type specimen that was shot on the island of Makira in the Solomon Islands in 1929.  

The Makira Woodhen reached a size of approx. 27 cm and was dark brown in color, the lower body, head and neck shimmered bluish, the bird was flightless.  

The last sighting took place in 1953 when a single bird was seen in the center of the island, according to the statements of the inhabitants of nearby villages, the rail was still quite common at that time.  

The species may still exist but would be highly threatened nonetheless.


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