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Aspidopterys tomentosa var. hutchinsonii R. C. Srivast.

Hutchinson’s Tomentose Aspidopterys Liana (Aspidopterys tomentosa var. hutchinsonii)

This variety of the Tomentose Aspidopterys Liana (Aspidopterys tomentosa (Blume) A. Juss.) (see photo below) was described in 1985; it is only known from the type material that was found in 1937 (?) somewhere in the Mayurbhanj Hills in Odisha, India.

The plant was never found again since and might well be extinct now.


syn. Aspidopterys hutchinsonii Haines


Tomentose Aspidopterys Liana (Aspidopterys tomentosa), nominate form

Photo: Liu Guangyu


edited: 15.01.2024

Triaspis schliebenii A. Ernst

Schlieben’s Triaspis (Triaspis schliebenii)

Schlieben’s Triaspis was described in 1935; it is known only from the type material that was collected somewhere around Lake Lutamba in the Lindi District, Tanzania; it was not found subsequently and is thought to be possibly extinct.

The photo below shows a somewhat similar-looking species, the Blue-leaved Triaspis (Triaspis glaucophyllaEngl.) from southern Africa.


Blue-leaved Triaspis (Triaspis glaucophylla)

Photo: Francois du Randt



edited: 21.08.2022